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Wahweap Hoodoos - The Defiant One

Wahweap Hoodoos, BLM, UT -  The Defiant One

Paria Hoodoos - Red, White, and Blue

Paria Hoodoos, BLM, UT -  Red, White, and Blue

Paria Hoodoos - Melted Ice Cream

Paria Hoodoos, BLM, UT - Melted Ice Cream

Toadstools - Salt and Pepper

Toadstools, BLM, UT-  Salt and Pepper

Toadstools - Zorro

Toadstools, BLM, UT - Zorro

Tip Your Hat

Tip Your Hat, Chimney Rock Canyons, AZ

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing, Chimney Rock Canyons, AZ

Paria Hoodoos - The View

Paria Hoodoos, Rt 39, AZ