About The Photographers

Rod Ward
Farm life in Southern Ohio was a great way to grow up. You learn so many things about self-reliance, planning and work ethic. This was the cornerstone of my determination to get a college degree and be an engineer. Early in my engineering career, I was required (and later commissioned) to photograph facilities and equipment for large companies all around the world. Upon retirement, I became immersed in landscape photography. I believe it has something to do with the concept that “no matter what man may create or build, there is always something more spectacular that nature has created”. Maybe better put — I like capturing God’s Creations. As mentioned earlier, I have photographed and traveled the world but I have embraced the Southwestern United States as my favorite photographic area. Where else in the world can one be surrounded by monumental deserts, grand canyons, rugged mountains, mysterious slot canyons, ancient Native American ruins and rock art. Many of these attractions are found in the same area. I try to spend at least 3 months a year in the southwest. Even though much of this area has been previously photographed, I make major efforts to hike and photograph remote, unique areas and to capture “one of a kind” images. As you peruse through the galleries, I am confident you will discover exclusive and distinctive pictures.

Winona Ward
I am a Cherokee and proud to be a Native American. Most of my early years were on the Navajo reservation where my father was an educator and administrator; I followed in his footsteps and accepted my first teaching job at Window Rock High School. I was privileged to teach video, photography, yearbook, newspaper, and English to high school students. My time on the reservation has given me a unique insight into the life and philosophy of Native Americans. My students at Window Rock received over 25 EMMYS ( yes-- those Emmys you see on TV), NAMBE's, and other awards and recognition. I retired after teaching for 32 years, but to my surprise, the Department of Defense contacted me and offered me a job teaching high school photography and video in Seoul, South Korea. I was honored to teach the children of our military for 2 years. During that time, I traveled with my husband Rod to several Asian countries and had opportunities to photograph in Guam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Paradise Places Photography
Paradise Places Photography is the result of the collaboration of the two photographers described above. We both have an intense desire to photograph nature, rare occurrences, people and places that are not commonplace. Our individual photographic styles are different, but our common style is Powerful, Unique and Dynamic. This style is what makes Paradise Places Photography special. Our marriage of talents and common interests has taken us to very remote and isolated areas all over the globe. We have photographed challenging topics in precarious and difficult to reach locations and in turn have provided our clients with rare and diverse images.

We have completed a number of commissioned works for a private organization in Cambodia and been sought out to photograph for an elite Korean Publication. Our work is featured and on display in a Korean Library. In Japan, our work is featured in exclusive venues not open to the general public. We also have a photographic stockpile from other areas including Guam, The Philippines and the U.S. We are adding more inventories all the time. We currently have thousands of photos to choose from. Check back often as we are continually updating our galleries. Each photograph tells a story and each also has a story behind it. If you would like to know more about a photo, feel free to ask. If you don’t see it here, just ask. We probably have something that would fit your needs in our unpublished archives.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
The selected Fine Art Prints displayed on this website are offered as “Limited Edition Fine Art Prints”. Each print is limited to 25 printings during its lifetime and then it is archived and no longer offered. Every print contains the Paradise Places logo for authenticity. The digital image file is also available for purchase. We offer quality, state of the art, high tech printing substrates and methods. We are confident you will be satisfied.